What is Cosmobiology Astrology?

What is Cosmobiology Astrology?

Lee Weller

Cosmobiology Astrology is the scientific discipline concerned with the relationship between the cosmos and organic life, which includes psychological and sociological elements. It aids in the analysis of the individual in psychological, sociological and medical terms. Cosmobiology Astrology helps one in the journey towards self awareness, self understanding, the correct timing of life events, to gain self confidence through being aware of one’s own potential which ensures happiness in relationships, and ensures that one is aware as to what really works for them!

A Cosmobiologist should have an interest in psychology and a rich experience of life. They should be aware of the responsibility they have towards their client and the damaging consequences the wrong words could have. One does not help others by making them afraid of the future, but should use the opportunity to build up their self confidence and consciousness of their own value and self esteem and talents.

The Cosmobiologist should become qualified to give help and build up confidence in others, to enable people to make their own decisions. It is not for them to be soothsayers or fortune tellers. The qualified or trained Cosmobiologist will indicate the end result of an action or decision.

It is not a question of “Am I going to be happy or successful?” but rather “how am I going to be happy or successful?” It is important to “know yourself” … your talents and strengths.