No More Confusion 2017

No More Confusion 2017

The confusion, uncertainty, disappointments, difficult to diagnose diseases – almost like constantly travelling through the MIST!

After the weekend of 26th February we can start to regain CONFIDENCE AS THE EFFECT OF THE
NEXT SOLAR ECLIPSE WILL BE LEO AQUARIUS. So everything out there will regain confidence and self-pride. Opportunities will be there to help you express your individuality.

The confusions and uncertainties will be over regarding:
Health, Work and your general 24 hour routines as well as the real talents you have. Various events will give opportunities for renewed self-confidence and pride. Here is the chance to bring relationships into a balance. Accept those social invitations because they will open doors.

In 2017, Career and promotions will begin to fall into place. Home changes will be for the better. Those promised work opportunities will start materialising and many may find their hopes and dreams become reality. Those frustrating delays affecting home sales may become part of the past. Generally, your 24 hour day routine will start to improve, both at work and at home.

At last, a change of environment! Those delayed options for purchasing property or rentals become part of the past. Career and home life have been chaotic for many over past 2 years. News and people entering your life may give new confidence and optimism. The past two years have caused home life and career problems with uncertainty for many. During the time ahead, there will be more clarity.

Plans for travelling and relocation may not have fallen into place over the past 2 years. There has been confusion on a daily basis with misunderstood communications. Business deals have fallen apart! Well, 2017 brings relief in these areas. Many will receive the Green Light for relocation. At last, many will find that new home and people will understand your needs versus theirs, so this year will be great for relationships. It is like replanting a plant in a new pot – setting new foundations.

As you move into 2017, events will restore confidence. Patience and attention to detail over past 2 years will come to fruition. Opportunities for travel or for fortunate changes will affect your daily life. You can leave behind the situations that have caused financial insecurity over past 2 years. People will see your talents with more clarity. TRAVEL is an important option for most of you.

The past two years has been YOUR PERSONAL time of assessing your whole life and lifestyle. You have been assessing past and current relationships with family and friends. Jupiter is in your money, talent and personal needs areas. This will bring new people into your life and some from the past who understand and open up opportunities for happiness. This is a chance to use and expand your talents, even ones you have never developed. LET GO the negatives of the past and take advantage of opportunities to rebalance. TIME, TALENTS, FINANCES and Your needs versus those of others are your priorities.

Blessings to EVERYONE! Leave the confusions and uncertainties behind and take advantage of the new opportunities to REGAIN CONFIDENCE, SELF WORTH and SELF PRIDE!

Kind regards,
Lee Weller

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