Forecast 2017

Forecast 2017

ARIES 21st March to 19th April

Since March 2015 the Solar Eclipse affecting Pisces Virgo ensured that most of you took time out to assess your total 24 hour day.
Many have felt the need to assess work and are you really using your talents.
Events would ensure you took time to check on these points including your day to day Health routines.
Remember Solar Eclipses make one look at the areas that are affected..

Gives chance to correct or re balance where necessary. Jupiter gives opportunities for foreign connections.. and new social contacts… take opportunities to meet new people and visit different places. Some will have promotion opportunities which could involve relocation and fortunate partnerships for others.

Travel will tend to be more for Career Business or study rather than merely pleasure or vacation.
However positive returns will be there early 2018 which can be a Peak point of Achievement. Promotion.. and Recognition for past efforts over the past 15 years.

By October 2018 most of you will have had chance for Visits to new places…new social connections… a new relationship or renewed understanding with existing partner / relationship

TAURUS 20th April to 20th May

By first week October 2018 you will have had opportunities that bring harmony to your 24 hour day… work environment and the chance to have your talents recognised…and even some untapped talents come to the surface.
Opportunities tend to be offered and Bank Loans will be available to many Taureans or some other form of help and support and you find that right property to rent or purchase.

Generally you are able to BALANCE your total 24 hour day through the opportunities offered… and a new balance to your total 24 hour routines.
Including Health… work and home routines… through assistance and changes that are offered…

Over past 2 years the Solar Eclipse across Virgo-Pisces has affected: Property sales… purchases… and young family members … Any uncertainties or confusing issues can be sorted out and brought onto a new balance… more clarity…
For many there will be a clarity re friendships and opportunities for Group Involvements.

Generally Home, Life and Career life and Family issues are re balanced , improved or new starts as you go further into 2017 .

GEMINI 21st May to 20th June

Over past 2 years it has been difficult for many of you to make right changes that affect Home and Family. Career Geminis would have found it difficult to balance responsibilities in these areas. Solar Eclipse has affected Home Life and Career or generally Future ambitions and or Plans …
Those who have parents will have found their changes will have had effect on your life.
Many practical decisions needed to be made BUT this has been the area where confusion and uncertainty has been experienced.

Jupiter will bring events and people that provide advice and solutions.
Delayed property sales get the green light as Legal issues start falling into place

Older wiser or those who have experience or have achieved sense of responsibility will be there to give financial or other advice.
Yes go to the financial experts not friends for Legal or financial advice.
DO NOT try solving on your own…THIS is a time when you need the experts.

Remember Pluto in your house of Finance gives chance to assess Revise Restructure Loans or general Banking issues.

CANCER 21st June to 22nd July

The Solar Eclipse, Since March 2015 has ensured you kept checking your day to day commuting… your daily activities.. communications both local and long distance. your general business activities. forms of local travel. some of you would have had vehicle issues… not the best timing to have purchased a new car…

This has been the area of frustration and confusion for you.

Many will have experienced delays regarding relocation plans… The questions Should you stay or relocate?? Although these were new beginning areas.. it was important not to rush.. as it has been like driving in the Mist.

Now ahead there is more clarity.

Many receive the Green Light for travel… or able to change their daily commuting ….

Take advantage and go through Legal Documents.. Contracts… Good timing to make changes where necessary.
By September – October 2017 you will have been able to restore balance to Your Home Life Career or future as a whole, Like taking the plant from one Pot and replanting. On looking back to 12 years ago you will realise DELAYS have prevented you from making changes in wrong timing.

LEO 23rd July to 22nd August

Well all Leo personalities the past 2 years have caused frustration for many.. as it was difficult to balance the Wants vs the Needs as against those of other people.. and also your talents ..

Before you could take advantage of other changes YOU would have had to pay attention to these issues
Also involved your finances vs those of the people involved in your life.
The Leo likes to be the KING so you had to become aware of the needs of others… consideration re their expenditures. and their needs… whether they be family members.. friends or relationships. If you handled all this correctly YOU are able to form happy relationships
Become practical regarding finances…
Later this year the effects of Solar Eclipse across LEO and Aquarius will be felt.. time for . engagements marriages or business contracts.

A TOTAL new beginning for all Leo’s out there..(remember you might be a Leo through time of birth.. so
take advantage and check with your Astrologist or contact Lee)

Until September early October favourable time for engagements marriages and business contracts or other Deals.. e.g. new vehicle or similar…. travel arrangements go more smoothly from JUNE 2017. Many of you will receive Good News re Visas or other travel plans.

The Leo loves acknowledgement and applause… You will find you are expected to EARN the credits and applause as Saturn ensures hard work behind scenes first THEN THE APPLAUSE.


VIRGO 23rd August to 22nd September

The Solar Eclipse since March 2015 has been YOUR PERSONAL ONE…..but over past two years until now 2017 it would have been difficult to see how to balance your life and your relationships …

People and events would ensure you took the time to check on HOW constructively critical are you…. do you have empathy and Help people help themselves… or do you merely criticise? It has been very important to keep on the fine line of providing practical advice. Many Virgoans make excellent Doctors Nurses or Therapists. or involved in practical areas e.g. engineering or similar.
From June you receive signals how to bring a balance to your finances..and redirect your talents into financially rewarding directions.. Opportunities are offered… Help is available… You have chance at long last to SET a new foundation to life.
To replan… like starting to climb a new mountain. which involves leaving some parts of life behind.

Have health checks…. assess what you want from life…. your talents…some people leave.. others you will leave behind. SO JUST IMAGINE you are about to climb a NEW MOUNTAIN.

You will receive advice or help from people with wisdom… experience… Help available when needed. 2017 can be a MILESTONE TIME FOR YOU if you read above with care.


LIBRA 9th September to 10th October

For past 2 years the Solar Eclipse has made it necessary for you to assess your 24 hour day routines. Check on untapped talents or ones you have not used for some time. Became good time to have health checks… latent problems would come to the surface and be dealt with effectively.

December 2017 events finalise many day to day issues. that you have been handling since early 2015 .. It is a completion period preparing you for 2018 WHEN you face new challenges that set a pattern for the following 15 years..
Do not try short cutting in day to day responsibilities… be careful with daily business issues.. Travel is best used for business ….or completing projects… studies…ALL in preparation for early 2018…

For older Librans you will have experienced similar 29 30 years back. After March 2017 you will find there is more clarity…

After mid June 2017 any delayed help advice or generally opportunities for a new start to your life…
will start to receive the Green Light . You are in a 6 year time of RETURNS for all you have done for others or generally for all positive actions over previous 6 years. CONFIDENCE will return through the news received or opportunities opening up.

Help will be there when and if needed…



Since March 2015 Finances connected to Career or Parents or Mortgages … finances connected to property.
have been under highlight..with Solar Eclipse across Virgo Pisces. Slowly but surely the effects of the Eclipse ease and many will bring a balance to these areas and from October 2017 you will find there are returns for all your positive actions. Returns for past patience will start a timing then for Personal expansion (yes watch the weight gain (;-)Opportunities to use your talents.

Starts a 6 year period of HELP IF AND WHEN NEEDED.
Return for all positive actions over past 6 years.
TAKE advice from those with business experience.

LATE 2017 INTO 2018 you have a 2 to 3 year time of PREPARATION for IMPORTANT NEW PHASE so a study programme… or organising daily transport for efficiency and generally PREPARING FOR LATE 2020



SAGITTARIUS 22nd November to 21st December

Well since March 2015 many of you will have lost your normal OPTIMISM HOME LIFE CAREER generally your AMBITIONS will have been under the Solar Eclipse hazy effect.
Past memories will surface… Deal with them and file them away… so leave space for the NEW….

From Slowly but surely your optimism returns through events and you sense the changes ahead… which will enable you to bring a balance to Rentals .. to property issues… property rentals.. A
a NEW BALANCE TO FRIENDSHIPS … Some will find Lovers become Friends and a Friend could become a Lover.

The general feeling you have been in a constant haze or travelling in MIST.. WILL BEGIN to ease and there will be more clarity from March 2017 onwards.

Young Sagittarians will have found they have had to start shouldering responsibility.. over past year. . life becomes more serious and people expect more from you ACCEPT….. OLDER Sagittarians WILL have had to prepare for IMPORTANT changes… and be really serious about Finances… reorganising them .


CAPRICORN 21st December to 20th January

Many will have come to a point of re cognition and their efforts behind scenes are now brought
out into the open… Recognition for past hard work ..Hidden activities come out into the open.. Others will have indications of responsibilities to be taken on later this year into 2018..
This includes younger Capricorns who are preparing to go out into the world.
After past 2 years many of you are able to make decisions regarding your daily activities..some will have chance to move to a different environment.. Relocation for many..after delays of past 2 years. As you go more into 2017 you will find there is chance to rebalance Finances . Events give you a more optimistic positive approach and you are able to bring a balance to your personal needs as against those of the other people in your life .

Many will find they are RIGHT TIME AT RIGHT PLACE to meet the people you need to meet.. so yes.. accept the opportunities to Socialise or attend Meetings Functions. Pluto continues to help you transform your Life Great time to join Clubs Groups that help you do this.



Well Aquarians over past 2 years personal finances… and your needs vs those of others will have been affected by the Solar Eclipse. Some will have experienced chaos and confusion .. experienced loss of funds .. or personal disappointments… This is the area of more clarity after the past two years are able to have discussions that clear the air and bring clarity. Opportunities open up for Travel or contact with firms and individuals in other parts of the world.
Do not stay hidden.. accept opportunities to join Clubs where there are people with expertise .. and or experience Who hold or have held positions of trust and responsibility. They will be of great benefit.

NOT the time to hide away.

Start that language study programme…Join a Club or have group interaction… some of you will need that extra language in order to achieve your HOPES for Promotion late this year into 2018
Remember until late July 2017 Accidents and loss of time energy or possessions …could occur through haste or being distracted.. Take time to double check..

Past 2 years it has been important to know your own TALENTS and your Needs…many of you will find that after the Solar Eclipse over Pisces Virgo YOU will start being able to BRING A BALANCE TO MOST areas of your lives. Especially relationships both Social and Personal.
Yes many will find the ideal Partner 2017 into 2018. so ensure you read all above and check you are ready…and know YOUR OWN NEEDS vs those of others.

Well for past two years Confusion Uncertainty and lack of clarity has been the experience of many Pisceans.
There has been the need… through events and other peoples’ actions…. To… assess Your LIFE IN GENERAL your relationships with everyone. Fair amount of disappointment and confusion has been experienced … HOWEVER from now on until September 2017 you will find it easier to have honest discussions regarding finances…and more co operation received when discussing a fair deal regarding fair financial return for your efforts.

But remember you will have to live up to promises regarding repayments…this requires constant honest effort.

AS YEAR proceeds you will be able to bring a balance to your complete 24 hour day. ..
You will find the right property Rentals or investment in property included…..or you are able to strike a Fair Deal…and experience less inconvenience e.g. as if you have been adjusting to other people and their demands on your time…
With the Solar Eclipse late February you have had the final opportunity to rebalance your LIFE and relationships, No longer dwell on the past and the disappointments. GO OUT THERE and meet people. Join Groups and Clubs…demonstrate your gift of providing practical advice and RESULTS WILL SURPRISE YOU .

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