About Lee

About Lee

Lee Weller Ferns

Lee Weller Ferns is internationally recognised as being one of finest in her field of Cosmobiology Astrology and for her ability to make accurate predictions. She has been awarded for her outstanding contribution to lectures on Solar Eclipses. At the Convention USA she was selected to serve on Board of Directors of American Fedn.Member of NCGR.

When she was 19 and studying fine arts, Lee met a Swiss-German lady who analysed her life and altered its course forever. She made the amazing statement to Lee that “You are very artistic … Art should be your hobby and people and psychology your career”. Lee has never looked back.

During her life, Lee has travelled extensively, gaining knowledge wherever she goes. The amazing lady predicted that Lee would have opportunities to (and feel the attraction to) belong to many societies and clubs, and sure enough that all fell into place during her life. She has been invited to be a member of the S.A. Writer’s Circle, the 100 Club, Red Cross Fund Raising, Business Women’s Club, The International Gourmet Club, Chaine des Rotisseurrs, among others.

Lee says that “my aim is to help people achieve their potential. To have self understanding, and therefore to achieve happiness, and to be comfortable with who they are and to achieve their goals and dreams”.

It is not a question of “Am I going to be happy or successful?” but rather “how am I going to be happy or successful?”

I was introduced to Lee in the mid nineties when I was going through a turbulent time at work. The person who was causing the turbulence was also a client of Lee’s, (and I had the impression that they were also personal friends) and so it was with cynicism and skepticism that I ignored her advice to me to “Get out while you can – it’s not going to get easier, and you have the opportunity to start a project on your own that will change your life…” I did not listen to her, choosing to stay in the job. Despite the woman who had caused my unhappiness moving on and out of the organisation, Lee’s words to me became the ‘norm.’ The job became unbearable and when the opportunity arose at the end of 2002, I escaped. With little finance and lots of hope, I formed my own business, which, today has become one of the most successful small businesses in the field. And, I have not taken a single move without consulting Lee first.

She did a reading for me in the early days of forming the business, and gave me sound advice – amongst other things to “stay focused and don’t get greedy. If I did not just focus on the money, but rather the quality product and service, we would be successful.” That has remained our philosophy and has been the secret of our success.

I lost touch with her for a while, (she moved from Durban to Johannesburg) and then, in desperation, I did an internet search on her, and discovered that she was still active in the field of astrology. (She is considered to be one of the top astrologers in the world, and has huge credibility amongst her peers and clients.)

I had a couple of friends and family members who were going through interesting times last year, and I discovered that Lee was come to Durban last December. I happily arranged for my friends and family to consult with her to get direction in their lives.. To say that they were amazed at her accuracy in preparing and reading their birth charts, and the sound advice that she was able to offer, would be an under statement. Her summing up of peoples’ characters, strengths and weaknesses is incredible. And everybody who consulted her is amazed at how the chart she prepared has been an exact map of where things have ended up.

As I look back to some of the things she said about my business focus (at the time they made no sense at all), they have all happened. (for instance, she talked about new ways of advertising our business. I need to mention that we have never advertised our business – it’s all been word of mouth – so I found this to be a very odd statement.. However, without even thinking about Lee’s words, we have developed a new website (it goes live next week), and the focus is not on above the line advertising, but rather in the form of a closed access to our current clients through blogs, forums, etc. For a baby boomer, that is a major shift in thinking! This form of “below the line advertising” is already resulting in the business pouring in.

In my reading last December, she said that there would be major changes in our Business from June 2009 (triggered in March 2009). She mentioned things like “everything occurring through travel opportunities and strange twists.” If I mention that last week my co- Director and I were at a Cognitive Development summit in Jo’burg, which has resulted in an instant decision that my colleague needs to do his doctorate in a ground breaking technique of developing the brain of people who have not had the opportunity to go through early childhood development, and therefore lost out on whole brain development (creativity, logical thinking, conceptualization etc). As a result of an impulse decision to attend that summit (the reason I decided we should attend was not to learn more about creative brain development, but rather to glean some snippets about developments in our field in a completely different direction from an influential leader that I knew was going to be there!). However in a matter of less than a week, the doors are flinging open for my colleague to pursue his Doctorate, and take our business into a unique area of operation that nobody has pursued in South Africa to date.

That’s why Lee is amazing. She honestly plots the path, and it’s only when you look back six months later that you realize that it was as clear as daylight all along – you just did not know it as soon as she did. And all 8 of my colleagues who saw her last December have similar stories to relate.

She is truly unique!